Living in Switzerland

You took the decision to settle in Switzerland ? This page is for you. You will find the main steps to follow so that your moving runs smoothly.

The Compagnie Immobilière du Léman SA based in Geneva, benefits from numerous years of experience in taking care of foreigners wishing to live in Switzerland, especially in Geneva or Vaud canton.

Enjoy our efficient partners network in various essential fields adapted to foreigners willing to settle in Switzerland.

Our skills and our network will soon become essential in your administrative duties to settle in Switzerland at the best conditions:

  • Research for a real-estate
  • Tax optimization
  • Retiring in Switzerland
  • Financing your project
  • Insurance

1. Am I authorized to buy a property in Switzerland ?

Like the Swiss watches, iconic image of the Confederation, the real- estate related regulations in Switzerland are efficient but complex.

The immigration conditions in Switzerland are very strict and depends on the citizenship of the applicant.

Citizens from countries members of AELE (for more information you can see the Swiss Confederation website ) or European Union benefit from more favorable conditions.

In Switzerland, the purchase of real-estate by foreigners is regulated.

  • Citizens from the E.U states living in Switzerland can acquire real-estate without restriction.
  • Other residents have the possibility to buy a property for their own use.
  • Non residents can buy a secondary home only in some restricted touristic zones.

2. Can I acquire a property ?

Whether you decide to live in a canton or in another, this regulation changes.

The Swiss real-estate market being a particular and closed market, we strongly advise to select a professional in local market real-estate, able to masterize the regulations existing in Switzerland and its cantons.

The brokers from the Compagnie Immobiliere du Leman are ready to provide a confidential service for your installation project in Switzerland.

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